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Chamber Board Supports LIFT

The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at the February Board Meeting unanimously voted to endorse LIFT (Local Investments For Transformation). This measure passed last month in the Kentucky House and currently awaits action by members of the Kentucky Senate. Local Option would allow voters to decide whether they want to pay for new projects, by giving them the right to vote up or down on identified projects and their costs. 37 other states allow their citizens to vote for or against new projects by using this measure of a temporary local option sales tax. We support LIFT as it is a powerful community/economic development tool that gives local voters the opportunity to invest in projects that matter to their communities. It would be a significant tool in the toolbox as our local governments continually seek additional funds to invest in local projects with increasing competition for funding at state and federal levels.

To learn more about Local Investments For Transformation visit website LIFT Kentucky or follow on Facebook.