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Prepare for Affordable Care Act

The LaRue County Office for Economic Development will offer a free presentation to the public and local businesses concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), according to Director Bob Sims. Sims stated that he is finding that most employers are struggling to understand how the PPACA will affect their bottom line in 2014 and beyond. As companies start budget reviews for 2014, they are faced with the question of “Pay or Play” in  2014. Should they pay a penalty and let their employees find their own health coverage through state exchanges or can they afford to continue offering health coverage to employees in 2014 and beyond.


The local economic development office has arranged for Steve Wilson, Senior Vice President with Benefit Insurance Marketing in Lexington to give the presentation to serve as an educational tool and to answer questions from the attendees. The program details how the law applies to each employer and how it will impact their company and employees from 2014-2020. Wilson will explain employer options and the financial ramifications of those choices for both the company and its employees.


This free luncheon program will be held Tuesday April 30th at noon, at the LaRue County Cooperative Extension Office, 807 Old E-town Road, Hodgenville. Attendees are required to RSVP to Bob Sims at [email protected] or 270-765-9541 due to lunches being prepared.